Dust the cobwebs off your dying email list…

Direct Response Email Specialist Unveils 5 Step Method For Doubling Sales Using Only Email… In Less Than A Month!

If you own an email list and would like to learn how to double your sales in less than a month by only sending one email per day… then let me explain how.

Many businesses and brands today have huge email lists that they don’t know how to start monetizing.

If that’s you… then you already know you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

And for no other reason than you simply don’t know what to do with your list or where to even start.

You may never have even sent so much as a welcome email, let alone an upsell, new product launch campaign or sales event sequence.

This is why I’ve released a new ebook, for free – called ‘Email List Playbook’ detailing:

  • The 5 step email strategy that can double your sales in less than a month by sending just one email per day
  • The short circuit method that when used in your email subject line almost forces the person reading to open your email
  • The Gary Halbert Technique he used in all his ads and why it is even more important and profitable in email
  • 5 types of body copy that make your emails entertaining, not an opposition on your prospects time and will make them enjoy buying from you
  • 6 market research methods that give you thousands of email ideas
  • Why you should email your list every day
  • 5 types of subject lines your prospects can’t ignore
  • And much, much more…

This 5 step email method can be read easily in one sitting and can start making you money as early as tomorrow… or even today.

This book is yours free when you opt-in to my email list now.

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